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How Do I Send A Push Notification
How Do I Send A Push Notification
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If you are looking to send a push notification in order to make money please note that you do not need to do this.  Our system automatically sends sponsored notifications to your subscriber base on a regular basis.

However, we also give you the ability to send any push notification to your own subscribers at any time.  This is great for keeping your subscribers engaged with your content and to promote new articles, web pages, and material from your website to your subscribers.

In order to send a Notification to your subscribers do the following.

  1. Click create notification.

  2. Enter the details of the notification.

  3. Select a date you want the notification to go out.  This scheduled date is in EST so please adjust your times accordingly.

  4. Click submit.

Your notification is now scheduled.

When the time you have scheduled your notification for hits, the system will send the notification out.

If you made a mistake or want to delete a notification you can click the red x button.  Notifications can only be deleted if they are currently in a scheduled status.  

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